Treats the elements assigned to the default slot as list items


This is simply a combination of ContentItemsMixin and SlotContentMixin.


Built with mixins ContentItemsMixin and SlotContentMixin.

Used by classes Carousel, CarouselSlideshow, CarouselWithThumbnails, CenteredStrip, CenteredStripHighlight, CenteredStripOpacity, CrossfadeStage, DropdownList, Explorer, FilterListBox, ListBox, ListExplorer, Menu, Modes, Slideshow, SlideshowWithPlayControls, SlidingPages, SlidingStage, Tabs, and TabStrip.

[internal.contentSlot] property

Defined by SlotContentMixin

[internal.itemMatchesState](item, state) method

Returns true if the given item should be shown in the indicated state.


  • item: HTMLElement|SVGElement
  • state: PlainObject

Returns: boolean

Defined by ContentItemsMixin

items property

The current set of items drawn from the element's current state.

Type: Array.|null

Defined by ContentItemsMixin

items-changed event

Raised when the items property changes.

Defined by ContentItemsMixin