The web is evolving into a first-class application platform, and web components are the standard building blocks for user experiences. As experts in the technology, we want to help companies of all kinds use web components to make their own work shine.

You can reach us via email at info@component.kitchen or on Twitter at @ComponentK.

Jan Miksovsky
Founder and Partner

Jan is an user experience designer, software developer, and tech entrepreneur. His user experience design career began at Microsoft, then led to his founding Cozi, a company focusing on technology for busy families. As the web platform improved, he moved on to found Component Kitchen in January 2014.

Jan loves tackling everything from large, challenging products to sweating the small details essential to a great design. His particular focus is projects at the intersection of user experience design and technical engineering. People he's worked with have often said that his most unique skill is being able to deeply understand a complex space and construct a comprehensive model or framework that leads to innovative, scalable solutions.

He has written extensively on both user interface design and on web user interface development, and is listed as an inventor on numerous software patents.

Rob Bearman
Founder and Partner

Rob is a software developer and product designer with extensive start up experience. He has mobile applications on the Google Play store with close to a million downloads, and currently focuses on JavaScript web applications and Node.js systems. Rob's software development experience includes nearly a decade at Microsoft where he met Jan on his first day. He joined Component Kitchen in July 2014.

Rob enjoys targeting integrated solutions, investigating new technologies and approaches to web based applications as well as developing business strategy. He is skilled in matching technical solutions and architectures with business needs, bringing a broad base of industry knowledge together with developer-level technical skills.