Web component experts

Web components let you extend HTML with new capabilities. Component Kitchen are experts on this transformational technology. We design, develop, and customize web components so you can accelerate your work and improve your user experience.

Elix is our open source collection of common user interface patterns like lists, menus, popups, and carousels.


We create building blocks for your progressive web applications.

Progressive web apps can now deliver mobile and desktop experiences that previously required native apps. Building on a web code base gets the most out of your design and development resources, and gives your users a great experience instantly. Web components are a natural fit for progressive web apps.

We standardize your design system to unify your brand.

Instead of working with generic, primitive <img> and <div> elements, your teams get new, standard-supported HTML elements tailored to your company: <our-company-logo>, <our-standard-toolbar>, or anything else your apps need. These fully-functional HTML elements embody your company's brand — from visual identity to aesthetics to interaction — to give all your users a great experience with pixel-perfect branding.

We work in any front end framework.

Every framework — React, Angular, Ember, Vue, etc. — lets you efficiently create complex applications, but each has its own approach to building user interfaces. This makes it hard to reuse work and leads to inconsistencies, and the next framework shift will strand you with dead-end code. By helping you build the key pieces of your user interface with web components, you get durable code that works in any framework, now or future.

We help grow the web.

Component Kitchen contributes directly to the evolution of the underlying browser platform. We’re actively involved in advancing the web standards that make web components work. We wrote and maintain the Gold Standard checklist for web components to set the industry bar for web component quality.