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Web components let you extend HTML with new capabilities. Component Kitchen are experts on this transformational technology. We design and develop web components, and we help industry leaders shape the future of web components by improving the underlying specs and libraries. We consult for companies like yours, helping you accelerate your work and improve your products.

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Better building blocks

Web apps can now deliver mobile and desktop experiences that were previously possible only in native apps. Building on a web code base gets the most out of your design and development resources, and gives your users a great app experience instantly, with no install step.

Component Kitchen believes web components are a natural fit for these progressive web applications. We can help you identify where web components can improve your user experience and accelerate your development process. We can incorporate new components into your existing app, migrate legacy UI code to components, or help you architect a component-based foundation for new apps using whatever framework you’ve chosen.

What are web components? A quick, interactive tutorial.

Work in any front-end framework

Like you, we’ve built apps in a variety of front-end frameworks. Popular frameworks (React, Angular, etc.) let you efficiently create complex applications — but every framework comes with its own way of creating and manipulating user interface elements. This makes it hard to reuse UI code and ensure a consistent user experience. When the next framework comes along, your investment in last year’s framework could leave you with a large body of code you can’t move forward.

Building user interface elements as web components lets you invest in user interface code that works in any framework — the one you’re using now, and the one your team will be pushing for next year.

A design system to express your brand

Components can embody your company's brand — everything from visual aesthetics to preferred styles of user interaction – in working, customized HTML elements.

Component Kitchen can help implement a web design system for your company, large or small. We translate static design resources (brand guidelines, PhotoShop specs, etc.) into live components ready for production use in any web project. Your engineering teams can use these standards-compliant custom elements just like regular HTML, retaining their ability to decide which framework makes sense for them. All your users, across all your apps, get a great experience with consistent branding.

Use the web platform

Component Kitchen helps the greater web community deliver the highest quality user experiences possible. We contribute directly to the evolution of the underlying browser platform. We wrote and maintain the Gold Standard checklist for web components to set the bar for component quality. And we lead the open source Elix library of general-purpose web components that meet that Gold Standard.

These efforts allow us to create components for you that work well on any device and in a broad range of contexts. When you partner with us for your project, you gain direct representation on these open industry efforts.

Recent writings

April 16, 2018
Elix v2.0 released with support for extensively customizable components
Two months after releasing version 1.0 of Elix, we're happy to announce version 2.0.
March 12, 2018
Using Elix to build a small and fast native-like PWA for mobile devices
I built Memoui, a fast, small-payload scratch pad application with data persistence and offline support using Elix web components and mixins. Thanks to service workers and seamless Android support for adding to the device's home screen, the application has a native feel and user experience, with the benefit of installing from a URL rather than an app store.
February 20, 2018
Customizing custom elements with... custom elements
We’ve recently been trying a new way to let devs customize complex web components: let a component accept parameters for the custom elements that should be used inside the component’s template.

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