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Web components let you extend HTML with new capabilities so you can write better web apps faster. Component Kitchen are experts on this transformational technology. We design and develop web components, we work with a range of industry players to improve the underlying specs and libraries, and we consult with companies who want to use web components to make their products better.

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May 8, 2017
Get involved with Elix
Jan and I have been very busy the past several months starting up the Elix project, a library of high-quality web components designed to support the Gold Standard Checklist. Together with developers from Comcast, Vaadin, CommonTime, and Google, we participate in the Elix Core Team with Component Kitchen serving as a host organization for the project.
October 17, 2016
Our experience upgrading web components from Shadow DOM/Custom Elements v0 to v1
With Google now shipping both Shadow DOM v1 and Custom Elements v1 in Chrome, and Apple shipping Shadow DOM v1 in Safari, we’ve been upgrading the Basic Web Components library from the original v0 specs to v1. Here’s what we learned, in case you’re facing a similar upgrade of your own components, or just want to understand some ramifications of the v1 changes.
June 13, 2016
Can Service Workers service background applications?
I had a thought experiment on how I might port an application I once developed for native Android to a web app, even if it were to run solely on Android devices. The application behaves like a mantle clock: every fifteen or thirty minutes, it wakes up and plays a custom chime. My son used to call it "Big Ben in Your Pocket."

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