Purpose: maps swipe gestures to direction semantics.

This mixin works in the middle of the Elix render pipeline:

events → methodsmethods → setState → updates → render DOM → post-render

Expects the component to provide:

Provides the component with:


import SwipeDirectionMixin from 'elix/src/SwipeDirectionMixin.js';
class MyElement extends SwipeDirectionMixin(HTMLElement) {}

Mapping swipe gestures to direction semantics

This mixin maps a swipeLeft call to symbols.goRight, and a swipeRight call to symbols.goLeft. Note that the reversal of direction in those mappings: e.g., a swipe to the left means the user wants to go right, because the user is typically dragging something in from the right.


Used by classes Carousel, CarouselSlideshow, CarouselWithThumbnails, SlideshowWithPlayControls, and SlidingPages.