A button that invokes a menu (by default, a Drawer), usually to provide navigation and other UI on a mobile device.

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Demo: A hamburger menu used to present navigation commands


import HamburgerMenuButton from 'elix/src/HamburgerMenuButton.js';
const hamburgerMenuButton = new HamburgerMenuButton(); // or
const hamburgerMenuButton = document.createElement('elix-hamburger-menu-button');


<script type="module" src="node_modules/elix/src/HamburgerMenuButton.js"></script>
  <!-- Drawer contents go here -->
  <button>About Us</button>  


The hamburger menu UI pattern is somewhat controversial. Some strengths:

  • It gives mobile apps a way to compact way to provide the user access to a large number of commands.
  • The pattern downplays commands that may not be frequently used, which can help keep users focused on a primary task.
  • The three line icon is a conventional visual cue to the button's purpose.


  • On its own, the icon may not be sufficient to let some users (particularly older users) understand its purpose.
  • A common placement for a hamburger menu button is in the upper-left corner, but it's awkward for a user to reach up to that location on a mobile device.
  • Burying important commands in a hamburger menu reduces discoverability, increases the time required to complete a task, and increases perceived task difficulty.

Further reading:


Built with mixins FocusVisibleMixin, KeyboardMixin, and OpenCloseMixin.

fromEdge property

The edge from which the menu will appear, in terms of the menu's container.

The start and end values refer to text direction: in left-to-right languages such as English, these are equivalent to left and right, respectively.

Type: 'end'|'left'|'right'|'start'

Default: 'start'

menuButtonRole property

The class, tag, or template used to create the menu button element.

Type: function|string|HTMLTemplateElement

Default: SeamlessButton

Defined by fromEdge

menuRole property

The class, tag, or template used to create the menu (drawer).

Type: function|string|HTMLTemplateElement

Default: Drawer

Defined by fromEdge