Tracks whether the mouse is over the component as component state


Purpose: tracks whether the user has moved the mouse over an element so it can decide whether to render hover effects..

This mixin works at the beginning of the Elix render pipeline:

eventsmethods → setState → render DOM → post-render

Expects the component to provide:

  • setState method compatible with ReactiveMixin's setState.

Provides the component with:

  • [internal.state].hover member that is true when the mouse is over the element.
  • mouseEnter and mouseLeave methods the component can use to perform additional work on mouseEnter/mouseLeave.


import HoverMixin from "elix/src/base/HoverMixin.js";
class MyElement extends HoverMixin(HTMLElement) {}

This mixin simplifies the task of translating mouse state into component state. This can be used, for example, to decide whether to render hover effects that must be calculated in code.