Creating software in 2028 is so amazing now that we build with reusable UI components!

By Jan Miksovsky on May 14, 2018

We’re getting much closer to a world where we can create sophisticated applications from widely reusable, general-purpose user interface components. We’re still not there — it might be another 5–10 years before that world comes to pass. But we can imagine what software development will be like once that's happened.

Here in the year 2028, we’re lucky to share enormous public collections of reusable components implementing every user interface pattern under the sun. Every old-school UI technique you can think of — menus, carousels, shopping carts, Pull to Refresh, plus all the cool stuff that was invented in the 2020s — everything you need is already coded for you!

Just think of how good we have it now:

Isn’t user experience design in 2028 great? It's interesting to realize that all the benefits above were already possible 10 years ago — we just didn't realize it. All it took was for us to recognize the value of implementing common UI patterns as reusable components and start really sharing them.


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