[domrgn] Polymer portfolio app add The Bootstrap Buttons Web Component aha-programable A custom element to calculate a piece of js code and use the result as the content. aha-table A Polymer element for a searchable, sort-able, paginate-able, inline-editable, select-able, copy-able, removable data table or grid from JSON. aha-tree A PolymerElement to convert a JSON to a tree. ajax-form HTML forms on performance-enhancing drugs akyral-dialog A responsive dialog/modal element. akyral-element-query A utility element that implements element queries to its parent node. akyral-layout A responsive ui element that creates an app-like structure containing a drawer. akyral-toast amazeui Amaze UI,中国首个开源 HTML5 跨屏前端框架 angonokaui Web Components based on Angular directives app-chart A Polymer element for creating graphs and charts app-color-card A web component to show a simple color card of data app-router Router for Web Components app.ui The collection of APP UI components as one import app.ui.fullscreen A button to switch between fullscreen modes app.ui.stickyheader Positioning a section header in a fixed state (while relevant) app.ui.tags A Polymer element for tags app.ui.terminaltext Animating text like an old school terminal async-files WebComponent that allows to load javascripts and css files asynchronously. async-form-element <form is="async-form"> bacon-ipsum A Polymer element to give you meatier Lorem Ipsum banner-bar a horizontal banner web component for the top of your page bar-graph Bar graph web component. basic-autosize-textarea A text area that makes itself big enough to show its content basic-calendar-day A single day in a calendar basic-calendar-month A single month in a calendar, with headings basic-calendar-month-days The days of a single calendar month (without headings) basic-calendar-week A single week in a calendar basic-culture-selector Selects a language/culture from a comprehensive list basic-days-of-week The names of the days of the week, e.g., for use as a calendar header basic-framed-content Communicates across a frame boundary to an outer element basic-list-box A list box that allows single selection basic-modes Shows a single child element at a time basic-month-and-year Shows a culture's name for a given month, plus the year basic-month-name A culture's name for a given month basic-seamless-iframe Communicates across a frame boundary to an inner element basic-sequence A modal sequence of child elements with previous/next semantics basic-sequence-navigator Lets user navigate previous/next through a sequence of child elements basic-slideshow Cycles through a set of child elements (e.g., images) basic-synth A basic 8-bit synthesizer bound to the <audio>-tag. battery-status Custom Polymer element for dispalying battery status. bc-d3-areachart Polymer web component draws an svg singraph using d3.js bc-d3-datebrush Provides a simple scalable d3 brush object for a date range in Polymer bc-d3-dateline Polymer element providing a dateline for a given domain, with timezone support beacon-send Web component element for the Beacon API bezier-easing Polymer wrapper around https://github.com/gre/bezier-easing. Demo at http://mattstyles.github.io/bezier-easing bf4-rank-element Polymer element that provides basic rank information for a Battlefield 4 soldier. bing-maps-element Web Component wrapper for Bing Maps using Polymer bit-avatar A custom webcomponent for avatars. Support for Gravatar, facebook, twitter, google+ and skype images. bitcoin-rates A web component to show bitcoin rates. bootstrap-panel Bootstrap panel Web Component boris-bikes A Polymer Web Component to get the free bikes and docks on Boris Bikes of London, gets user geolocation. broadway-heading a heading web component in the style of 1920's broadway bs-modal pure polymer implementation of boostrap modal bs-timeline Polymer element for a responsive timeline in Bootstrap button-spring A simple Polymer element of a button with physics canvas-piechart A Polymer-element for drawing a Piechart on HTML5 Canvas capital-case An inline element to make content inside it capital-case caplnk CAPLNK: Component - Application - Link char-counter A simple, configurable Polymer component for adding a character counter to your form fields. chart-elements Chart.js as Polymer Elements cheat-code Custom element to recognize cheat codes in web pages chess-board A Web Component for displaying chess positions chisele A simple autocomplete web component. chuck-norris-joke Chuck Norris as a Web Component clear Basic css clear:{left|right|both} web component clock-face A web component for building clocks codepen-embed Web Component wrapper for codepen's embed widget using Polymer. coder-wall Custom Polymer element for displaying coderwall badges for a given user. color-picker-element HTML color picker custom element column-view Polymer Web Component for a Miller columns (a.k.a. OS X Column View) element component-load A web component to dynamically load web components. console-log Web-component for logging context-menu A context menu with touch support and a simple API. cosmo-core The core styles for Bootstrap cosmo theme. cosmo-label The cosmo label component. cp-clipboard A Polymer element for ZeroClipboard.js css-piechart A Polymer-element for drawing a Piechart using CSS3 and DOM csv-preview A web component to preview csv data in table cube-element Polymer cube element current-weather Polymer element to display the current weather custom-card Simple and responsive flip card custom-element Native declarative way to create a custom webcomponent CustomElements Custom Elements Polyfill customelements-polyfill Bower Consumable CustomeElements polyfill cw-autosize-input A form input web component that dynamically resizes itself based on its content. cw-moment A Polymer wrapper for https://github.com/moment/moment. cw-token-field A tagging/tokenizing input (a.k.a "pill box") web component a la http://harvesthq.github.io/chosen/, http://loopj.com/jquery-tokeninput/, and http://sliptree.github.io/bootstrap-tokenfield/. cw-vote Up/down-voting widget a la StackOverflow. d3-geomap Polymer Web Component for geographic topology visualization data-table Ember Component for comparing two or more similar datasets. deliteful Multichannel (desktop/mobile) UI Custom Elements Library deliteful-build Built version of deliteful device-orientation A simple Polymer element that provides the current device orientation using the Device Orientation API. display-rss Polymer Web Component that fetches any RSS url and displays any number of entries, can also refresh itself. disqus-thread Custom element for Disqus. div-collapsable Collapsable div custom element with expand/collapse labeled header. div-showmore Collapsable div custom element with a show more/less toggle bar. div-sidebar Collapsable sidebar custom element with open/close toggle button. document-veil Handy element that covers entire window on demand. domrgn Polymer portfolio app domtokenlist-polyfill DOMTokenList polyfill for IE9 double-bounce Double-bounce spinner as a Polymer element drag-drop-el dropbox-button Web Component wrapper for Dropbox's button using Polymer dsheiko-xreference This web-component introduces a custom element `dsheiko-xreference` that retrieves and displays a fragment of a specified external resource matching given grep condition or selector dtreemap TreeMap Custom Element dtreemap-build Build version of dtreemap ek-progress-meter A web component built with Polymer and D3 for showing percent complete. elasticsearch-elements Aggregation component for elasticsearch-elements elasticsearch-status elasticsearch /_status endpoint custom element element-boilerplate Fork this repo if you want to start your own Web Component using VanillaJS element-icon-identicon A single-purpose custom HTML element to display an identicon. embed-jsfiddle Web Component wrapper for jsFiddle's widgets using Polymer ez-idle-timeout Javascript implementation of user idle timout in Polymer Project facebook-button Web Component wrapper for Facebook's button using Polymer facebook-login A web component for the Facebook login button fancy-box A Polymer element to create a box with a logo, text and options. figure-box Element providing an extensible figure box solution. file-input A better <input type="file"> flag-icon Polymer Web Component for SVG and PNG icons of country, state, province and other flags. flip-card A Polymer element that uses CSS 3D Transforms to create the classic two-sided flip card. flip-clock A flip clock, timer and countdown made with Polymer fontawesome-icon A Polymer element to use FontAwesome icons freebase-search Web Component wrapper to the Freebase API, that allows you to search on Freebase (a large collaborative knowledge base) using Polymer. fzc-animated-ship Polymer element to display an animated F-Zero Climax ship ganbaru-zoi Custom element for zoi genome-pager Pager for Polymer geo-location Web component element for the Geolocation API github-button Web Component wrapper for @mdo's GitHub button using Polymer github-gist A web component to display github gists github-project-card Polymer component to display github project data, like title, description, forks, ... github-readme A polymer element to retrieve and display the readme for any GitHub repository github-repo A web component to to display information about a specific repo github-ribbon A web component for displaying a Github ribbon using Polymer. gk-chart gk-editor gk-ext gk-google-font gk-jquerymobile gk-loader gk-swiper-navbar gl-program Polymer WebGL Program Element gl-shader Polymer WebGL Shader Element gl-texture Polymer WebGL Texture Element gl-vertexbuffer Polymer VertexBufferObject Element glitch-img glitch your <img> glue-command glue-request-dispatcher glue-share google-adsense Web Component wrapper for Google Adsense code using Polymer google-analytics-elements Google Analytics web components google-analytics-tracker Track page views with Google Analytics google-apis Web components for loading Google's JavaScript Libraries google-calendar Google Calendar web components google-chart Google Charts API web components google-cloud Google Cloud Platform Elements google-drive Google Drive Polymer element google-hangout-button Google Hangout button web component google-map Google Maps web components google-map-markerclusterer Polymer port of markerclusterer-plus google-sheets Google Spreadsheets web components google-streetview-pano Google Maps Street View web component google-url-shortener Web component that shortens URLs with the Google URL Shortener API google-youtube YouTube video playback web component google-youtube-upload Element enabling you to upload videos to YouTube. gplus-elements Web Component wrapper for Google Plus' buttons using Polymer gr-avatar Polymer element for Gravatar. gravatar-image Web Component wrapper for Gravatar using Polymer gravatar-img Custom Element that displays a Gravatar image for an email or a hash gravatar-tag Custom Element for Gravatar without Polymer. half-style Polymer element for half-style, based on arbelh/HalfStyle hand-signature Polymer element for handwritten signatures hatebu-button Web Component wrapper for Hatena Bookmark's button using Polymer hello-feenan 开发自己的web组件 with Polymer hello-world-element Web Component example using VanillaJS hello-world-polymer Web Component example using Polymer hello-world-xtag Web Component example using X-Tag hot-key A Polymer element for lisiting to keyboard events hot-table Polymer Element wrapper for Handsontable data grid editor html5-history-anchor Extend the <a> tag with the window.history API HTMLImports Polyfill implementing the HTMLImports specification htmlimports-polyfill Bower Consumable HTMLImports http-cat-element Polymer web component for embedding HTTP Cats images ikeedo-editable-h1 im-db Custom Polymer element for dispalying info from IMDB for the given movie name. image-card A Custom Element for an Image Card image-mask A Polymer element for masking images img-background Place a full size image in the background of the website using Polymer Project img-placeholder Easily insert placeholder images in your HTML pages using Polymer and web components. imported-template <imported-template> is a custom element that let's you load HTML partials into your Web Components, and take full control over loaded <script>s and <link rel="import">s input-clear Web component for the input element with built in x icon for clearing content. input-currency input-password The input password that you allways want to use in your apps with sign in process now is real with Web Components instagram-card Web component to show a card of your profile in Instagram using Polymer ion-tray A Web Component which enables you to have central content with a left and right tray which can 'push' into view iphone-5c A web component for adding an iPhone image to your site with the picture display of your choice. itunes-lookup A Polymer element for querying itunes lookup api jquery.gk json-box Simple json edit widget implemented as a Polymer webcomponent juicy-ace-editor Custom Element with Ace(http://ace.c9.io/) code editor juicy-filedrop FileDrop panel juicy-jsoneditor Polymer Element that wraps josdejong/jsoneditor and adds two-way binding for edited JSON. juicy-markdown GitHub Flavored Markdown (GFM) viewer juicy-markdown-editor GitHub Flavored Markdown (GFM) editor with filedrop and paste functionality juicy-markdown-tabbededitor GitHub Flavored Markdown (GFM) editor with filedrop, paste functionality and a preview window juicy-redirect Custom Element that redirects to a new URL when an attribute is changed juicy-tile-grid Masonry-like Polymer Element for sortable tiles that packs efficiently without changing HTML structure (changes CSS only), and adapts it to CSS Grid Layout. Extended renderer for juicy-tile-list. juicy-tile-list Masonry-like Polymer Element with sortable tiles that packs efficiently without changing HTML structure (changes CSS only). kiyoh-element konami-ce A simple Web Componets for Easter Eggnt lastfm-card A Polymer element that fetch basic last.fm info for a given user lazy-autosuggest A Polymer autosuggest that can be rendered and interacted with before the definition is downloaded lazyload-image Extended Image Element for lazy loading as Web Components. leaflet-map Leaflet map as web-component leaflet-map-component A <leaflet-map> polymer web component left-swipe-action Polymer web component like iOS swipe actions letter-spacing An inline custom element to provide letter-spacing CSS styling to its contents. lnk-app CapLnk Component for an app component which uses the other CapLnk components... among others. lnk-data CapLnk Component for Marshaling data requests. lnk-globals CapLnk Component for Create a storage area for variables that web components use to share data and communicate. lnk-media CapLnk Component for common media queries. lnk-menu CapLnk Component for a responsive menu system. lnk-test-data CapLnk Component for creating client side test data. loading-wave Custom Element for CSS Loading wave local-time Custom Polymer time element, to convert UTC to local time. log-error Logger javascript bugs WebComponent with Polymer login-box Login box done with polymer for quick setup login-flip Web Component Login Flip using Polymer long-tail A Spotify widget playingan artist's least popular tracks - built with polymer love-heart Pulsating love heart web component lower-case An inline element to make content inside it lower-case mark-down A Custom Element for rendering Markdown built with Polymer markdown-awesome real-time markdown preview and syntax highlighting markdown-editor Web component for markdown editor (ghost inspired) math-elements display mathematical expressions using polymer custom elements math-tex A custom element for typesetting math written in (La)TeX menu-bar-menu Menu bar with touch support and a simple API. meta-fullscreen Web component that handles fullscreen requests meta-selection Array wrapped in a custom component with some helper functions and events. mint-geocoder Polymer WebComponent utilising Googles Map Geocoder to convert latlong to address quickly. Not ready for production, use with risk of stress. mjpeg-video-webcomponents Add a MJPEG video tag for HTML5 browsers. Add the HTML5 video support for MJPEG that was missing in modern browsers without resorting to plugins. mtr-hello-world My first polymer web component. multi-value-suggestbox A Polymer custom element that allows selection of multiple suggestions nano-bar Nanobar as a Polymer element nested-menu Nested menu with touch support and a simple API. ng-epoch Angular directive wrapper for the Epoch JS jQuery charting plugin nokia-here-element Web Component for Nokia HERE Map notification-elements A Web Components of Web Notifications API is amazing, and can do amazing notifications, using Web Notification http://mateusortiz.github.io/notification-elements now-playing A Last.fm now-playing web component using Polymer npm-info Custom Polymer element for displaying npm info of the specified module. number-format A custom element that uses the library Accounting.js onion-skin Polymer custom element to diff between images using the "onion skin" method. open-map Element for Polymer that render a Open Street Map open-street-map Displays an interactive map (using OpenStreetMap) of a set of geographic coordinates page-er A Polymer element for paginating model data pagination-pager {{pagination-pager}} - Ember.js Component for Bootstrap 3 pagination & pager components pair-with-me A pair programming badge Web Component inspired by Avdi Grimm's pairprogramwith.me paper-calendar paper-canvas A simple web component for Paper.js paper-switch A Switch Web Component built using Polymer paypal-donate Paypal donate button web component persona-elements Polymer web components for the personas app. photo-album A photo album element including a slideshow view. piwik-polymer The Piwik (http://www.piwik.org) tracker made with Google Polymer place-holder Placeholder tag for your website plivo-webcomponent polymer-country-region-selector A Polymer component for adding dynamic, country-region dropdowns to your forms. polymer-filters Polymer filters for formatting values of expressions. polymer-fontawesome Polymer approach to Font Awesome polymer-gesture-scroll Interactive scrolling using gesture polymer-github-card A polymer web component to show a card for your GitHub profile polymer-ipsum Web Component Lorem ipsum using Polymer polymer-localforage A Polymer element for Mozilla's localForage (async storage via IndexedDB or WebSQL) polymer-paper-dropdown The paper-dropdown of Polymer polymer-slidenav A Polymer based web-component for sliding navigation menus. polymer-speedread Speed reading Web Component using Polymer, highly inspired by spritzinc.com (using simplified ideas and design) polymer-star-rating A polymer element for Rating. polymer-temptable Web Component Temp Table using Polymer polymer-ui-carousel A carousel element for Polymer polymer-zxcvbn zxcvbn's polymer webcomponent prepend-mixin X-tag mixin which add elements to start. prism-js A Polymer element for syntax highlighting with Prism.js processing-js WebComponent of processingjs, using Polymer progress-bubble Polymer-based web component displaying a circular progress bar pubnub-connect Custom element (non-UI) to connect to PubNub channel. pubnub-polymer puppet-js Custom Element to bind server-side view models with HTML nodes (HTML Templates/Web Components/AngularJs Apps) using PuppetJS communication (JSON-Patch) pushstate-anchor Extend the <a> tag with history.pushState() PwrSlide Presentation Web Components built with Polymer.js query-box Query editor widget implemented as a Polymer webcomponent random-cat A random cat gif web component using Polymer random-string Generates a random string [0-9][A-Z][a-z] rating-element rating element is a rating web component a la python range created with polymer ReactiveElements Allows to use React.js component as HTML element read-time Calculates how long it will take to read an article responsive-embed A Polymer element for responsive embeds ripple-qr-pos A Ripple point-of-sale element using polymer web components rita RiTaJS: A generative language toolkit for JavaScript route-elements Polymer web components for declarative URL routing route-link Element to create links to set application state route-root Root element for URL routing. route-state Element to register a state and URL route-toc Element to render a nested list of states in the application routing-root Polymer Routing Component rsac-chapter Chapter heading web component rsac-showcase Web component wrapper around iframe using Polymer rsac-toc RSAC Table of Contents web component sam-box A custom box element designed to allow custom units of measure sam-eagerlist An element to simplify creation of basic, small lists. sapo-videos-element Polymer web compoment for embedding videos from Sapo Vídeos sc-embed Web component wrapper for embedding SoundCloud tracks select-box Tagging widget implemented as a Polymer webcomponent sensor-gyroscope Easy access to DeviceOrientation API ShadowDOM ShadowDOM Polyfill shadowdom-polyfill Bower consumable ShadowDOM polyfill short-link bit.ly & po.st link shortener component based on Polymer show-and-tell Documentation by example for custom elements shush-spoiler-elements A simple webcomponent to prevent us to read spoilers around the web. simple-list Simple infinite list. This is a Polymer web-component that can handle tons of data in a infinite list. skype-button Web Component wrapper for Skype URI buttons slide-page easy one page slide base on polymer slide-switcher Polymer element - carousel with scroll events and animation slider-polymer A Slider web component using Polymer.js smart-watch A Smartwatch built with CSS & Polymer social-media A Polymer element with a set of scalable social media icons socket-connection Web Component to interact with a http://socket.io/ server sortable-table Polymer Web Component that generates a sortable <table> from inlined or AJAX JSON, JSON5, and arrays. spotify-coverart Polymer Web component to render Spotify cover arts spotify-previewbutton Polymer Web component to preview Spotify tracks spotify-progressbar Polymer element that implements a seekable progress bar. A mix between <progress> and <input type="range"> spotify-search Polymer Web component to search Spotify items sr-list An (polymer) web component list-group abstraction with pre-defined handling methods standard-deviation A web-component that calculates the standard deviation star-wars Cascading text Polymer element static-img Web component that displays white noise, or old TV static. static-openstreetmap Displays a static map (using OpenStreetMap) of a provided address or a set of geographic coordinates std-avatar Web Component STD Avatar using Polymer strava-card Display a Strava profile with a Polymer element su-shi SUSHI by Polymer superb-word Custom Element to display a random superb-word. svg-piechart A Polymer-element for drawing a Piechart using SVG switch-element Switch UI Element like iOS tab-selector Polymer Component for autoselecting a paper-tab on scroll tfl-status A Polymer Web Component that fetches the Tube Line Status tomalec-sortable-list Custom Element with sortable list, that uses CSS flexbox tracking-elements Web Component wrapper for tracking.js API using Polymer transform-3d A transform3d custom element transform-to-json Polymer Web Component for transforming CSV and other formats to JSON and arrays. truncate-text Web Component to truncate text using Polymer. twbs-buttons The Bootstrap Buttons Web Component twbs-grid The Bootstrap Grid System Web Component twitter-button Web Component wrapper for Twitter's button using Polymer typeahead-country A Polymer element for autocompleting country names ujiro-card Basic card element using Polymer. untitled-element Native Web Component untitled-element implementation upper-case An inline element to make content inside it upper-case urban-icons Iconset for use with urban components urban-input Adds a paper-ripple to a core-input polymer element urban-login Polymer login button with smarts urban-notification Animating notification polymer element urban-notification-bar Animating notification bar polymer element http://mattstyles.github.io/urban-notification-bar/ url-route Web component providing URL routing url-shortener Web Component URL Shortener using Polymer ustream-embed Web Component wrapper for Ustream's embed player using Polymer vee-dee-oh experimental video webcomponent video-camera-element Web Component wrapper for getUserMedia API using Polymer video-player A themeable Polymer video element video-stream A Polymer element that extends the video tag to automatically switch between media resolutions videolog-embed Web Component para incorporar vídeos do Videolog voice-elements Web Component wrapper to the Web Speech API, that allows you to do voice recognition and speech synthesis using Polymer votingsystem-socket Experiment for integrating websockets and Polymer (pre-alfa) votingsystem-texteditor Experiment for integrating CKEditor and Polymer (pre-alfa) vundle-doc A Polymer element providing an easy way to browse the plugins managed by Vundle in your .vimrc and their readme documentation. warpech-prism A Custom Element for syntax highlighting with Prism.js web-font A web component that creates an element to load web fonts web-loader Web Component Loaders/Spinners in CSS3 web-resume A Polymer element for online resume wikimetrics-chart Web component that graphs data about Wikipedia's editor activity world-flag-polymer World Flag icon component using Polymer x-2048 Web Component wrapper for 2048 game x-ahomu I'm ahomu x-ajax X-Tag for sending xhr requests x-aspect A X-Tag element for AOP with before, around, on, afterReturning, afterThrowing, after advice, and pointcuts x-barcode Web Component wrapper for UPC-A (for now) barcode using Polymer. x-class polymer.js custom element with dynamic css classes x-dribbble A Polymer element for querying the Dribbble API x-feedback Feedback inspired by Google Maps screen capture x-fontawesome Allows you to use the FontAwesome SVGs with core-icon x-geolocation Geolocation API Wrapper Element. x-gravatar A Polymer element for Gravatar x-heart Web Component build with Polymer to display Heart x-html <juicy-html> is a custom element that let's you load partial HTML chunks into your Polymer apps x-imager Responsive images using Imager.js and Polymer x-imdb A Polymer element to query and display IMDB information. x-instagram A Polymer element for querying the Instagram API x-instagram2 A Polymer element for querying the Instagram API x-ip A Polymer element to display client's IP address. x-is A Polymer component with a full set of static methods to do type checking. x-iscroll A web component built using Polymer.js which provides smooth scrolling utilities at 60fps using the iScrolljs library. x-kitten Webcomponent for kittens! x-math Polymer element to embed beautiful math using just HTML. x-meme The meme element for modern web x-mixin-templated x-tag's mixin to handle string template x-mixtaper x-mixtaper is a Web Components (Polymer) audio player with playlist functionality built for sharing/publishing mixtapes and playlists. x-notification Declarative Browser Notifications as Web Components. x-pokemon A web component to display Pokémon. x-rating Polymer custom rating element x-salada a tasty web component (sic) x-tag-action Declarative way of mapping users actions to custom element methods x-tag-appbar An Appbar lives at the top of your web application and contains a header, subheader and basic styles x-tag-boilerplate Fork this repo if you want to start your own Web Component using X-Tag x-tag-calendar A component acting as a calendar widget that can be manipulated with minimal user-written code/layout. x-tag-camera Web Component for camera access (Using X-Tag) x-tag-code-prism Code highlighter element that uses Prism x-tag-core The heart of X-Tag x-tag-countdown Custom Element for a countdown timer (using x-tag) x-tag-datepicker A polyfill for utilizing the x-calendar component and returning an ISO-formatted date string to the server. Part of the Brick library (Note: currently out-dated, use the Brick version instead) x-tag-deck Custom Element for card-based UI with a variety of transitions x-tag-flipbox Flipbox acts like a playing card that has a front and back and allows you to "flip" between the sides. x-tag-growbox Dynamically grows according to the content x-tag-iconbutton A button with an anchored icon in addition to a content label x-tag-input "Smarter than the av-er-rage input Boo-Boo!" x-tag-layout Structural element for responsive content viewing and context switching x-tag-leaflet-map Map element using Cloudmade Leaflet maps API x-tag-markdown x-tag compatible code that displays markdown inside a html node as html. x-tag-mediaquery Mediaquery allows you to listen for mediaqueryactive and mediaqueryinactive js events and react accordingly. x-tag-mixin-request X-Tag mixin for making ajax requests x-tag-modal A modal element with a transparent overlay x-tag-pseudo-outer Adds ability to support for detection of event if it occurs outside of the listening element x-tag-route A simple X-Tag element for URL routing. x-tag-shiftbox A container element that allows you to slide out a main <section> element to reveal secondary content. x-tag-slidebox A container that allows animated transitions between content panes. Slide Box supports horizontal and vertical transitions. x-tag-slidemenu A multi-level sliding menu x-tag-slider Polyfill on top of input type='range', providing a consistent UI regardless of whether type='range' is supported or not. x-tag-sparkline Draws tiny lines x-tag-spinner A loading spinner with optional status text. x-tag-switch Switch provides you a slick iPhone-esque toggle switch with a single line x-tag-tabbar An app-level navigation/tabbing bar (usually at the bottom of the UI) that shows different content depending on which tab is selected x-tag-template An X-Tag custom web-component stub that can be used as a starting point when building new elements x-tag-tex Web Component for Unicode LaTeX expressions, automatically converted into MathML for display. x-tag-text-pattern-matcher Used to watch text inputs for regular expression matches, then fires a custom method that allows the user to return a list of results. x-tag-toggle An auto-sensing check-radio control with enhanced interactivity x-tag-togglegroup Togglegroups are used to display a set of clickable option buttons, which can be either toggle in an independent or mutually exclusive manner. x-tag-tooltip Content callout that appears in current context to point at an element and is associated with a triggering element and interaction-style in the underlying content x-tag-transitions Easy-peasy transitioning for X-Tag components x-tag-view An X-Tag custom web-component stub that can be used as a starting point when building new elements. x-tfl-bus x-tag component for London Bus Stops information x-websocket WebComponent WebSocket wrapper. xcards A small JS library to display standard playing cards with many cool features such as random and shuffle xkcd-img Custom Polymer element for displaying random images from XKCD! xml-http-req-element Native Web Component xml-http-req implementation yeoman-greeting-card Yeoman card with Polymer yer-dal Data Access Layer for Weather Data yin-yang-cat Yin Yang Cat WebComponent youtube-embed Web Component wrapper for Youtube's player using Polymer. zdk-calendar A calendar web component for polymer zdk-float-panel a float panel web-component to use with polymer zdk-modal A modal polymer web-component zdk-waiting A waiting bar ( progress bar ) web component for polymer
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